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So I dropped my backpack into the void and I had all of my important stuff in there including the best thing I own, my scrambler so I ask Yatica to come back so I can get a scrambler. Let the scramblers live!
I got the minecraft certificate of completion or hour of code :)
I'm deleting this account for security reasons so if the post vanishes, please ban me (GrimmKitty) due to suspicious hacking activity on account.
Why is /web not a thing on cr I'm so mad I could shout!!!! So Shout Shout and as other people say, let it all out!
You do not have access to shout.

End Reset!

Joapple ADMIN
Joapple @ Skyblock
posted Thu at 13:41

Hi everyone!

    It's been time since we did an End Reset, so i decided to run one. On April 1st, end will be reset, make sure to remove your item or they will be lost forever! (That is a long long time.) Every gates that leads to the end world will be reset. 

    I know it's a weird date to plan that, but maybe, maybe not, there will be some surprise! It will be around 6h pm, server time. Also an annoucement will be added in game.


JurassicFan01 So 6pm est correct?

1.11 and SlimeFun

Talabrek Owner posted Mar 7, 17

The Skyblock server has been updated to 1.11.2! While 1.10 clients should still be able to connect to the server, I recommend that everyone use 1.11 to make use of all the new features. Over the course of the next couple of days I will be working in any 1.11 items/features that might be unavailable naturally (Llamas and such).

In addition to 1.11, most of the SlimeFun items and features have been enabled on the server (note that some items have been disabled because I have other plans for those). To make items you will first have to unlock the research for them. To do this, use /sf guide to acquire a right-clickable book. From there you can see all the available items and the research required to unlock them. Research requires exp levels and some of the higher end research requires a lot of levels 100+. I greatly boosted the exp gain from Master and Skylord level challenges and added a large chunk of exp to dungeon reward chests. In addition, I will be adding more sources of exp so that high cost won't seem so daunting.

Please let me know if you run into any bugs or issues. Next up on the list of updates is the new and improved Nether that we talked about before, so stay tuned!

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