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Tala's gotten a hold of the host and is waiting for a response.
And RIP server yet again... Is anything being done about all the connection problems?
REKT by clockblock for redstone that's not a fast clockagain... This is insane.
ayyyy lmao
i resetted the files for that plugin, i hope it fix it :/
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1.10 Update

Talabrek Owner posted Jun 27, 16

The skyblock server has been updated to 1.10.2 (the creative server will be updated as well soon). If you want a full list of Minecraft's 1.10 changes, check them out here.  Here are some highlights related to our server:

  • New 1.10 blocks are now available. They should all be available using the standard vanilla crafting recipes and can be found in caches.

  • Polar bears can now be spawned from the Animal Cage item.

  • Husks can spawn naturally in desert biomes if your island is set to that biome.

  • Two new biomes will be made available: Ice Plains and Deep Ocean. Ice plains allow for the new stray skeleton mobs to spawn and can also naturally spawn polar bears. The Deep Ocean biome will spawn guardians. Both of these biomes can be obtained from "Unlock Tickets", which are items found in rare caches. If you have a ticket, right click on it and you will be granted access to that biome.

Nether & End Reset

On July 1st, both the nether and the end worlds will be reset. If you have anything stored in these worlds you should remove them now before they are lost.

Known Issues

The plugin that controls the Elytra upgrade bonuses is broken in 1.10. I can't say for sure when it will be fixed, but if the author hasn't done anything about it in the next week then we will take matters into our own hands to get it working again. This has been fixed! Have a nice fly.

GrimmKitty ADMIN Fred! I must have my polar bear Fred!

New Name

Talabrek Owner posted May 30, 16

Hey everyone!

I am in the process of updating our server and website to a new name. Starting soon we will be known as:

Block Worlds

We will have a new server IP,, and as you can see we have some all new art work and a new theme. Our old ip, will still be active for the foreseeable future, so you can still use that to connect to the server or visit the website.

Everything is still a work in progress and will be gradually updated over the next few days, so if something doesn't look right then chances are it is still being worked on.

Gijs_TheBest Are the blocks in the logo suposed to be freemines?
Lokorfi May I ask who commissioned the logo? It's really nice.
GrimmKitty ADMIN So prewty!
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