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Weekly Update

Talabrek Ownero posted Fri at 3:13

Hey guys,

In an effort to keep everyone updated and involved in what's going on with the server, I am going to start doing a weekly news update to let you know what is being worked on and what we have planned for the future.

New Website

In a little less than a week our enjin "ultimate" plan will expire. The decision has been made to stop using Enjin to host the website, and to instead host it on our own server hardware. This not only saves us money every month, but gives us more freedom in designing our website. The new website has been a WIP for months now, and it will include new forums and a new shop system. I have already started moving important posts over to the new forums, and while there is still work to do, I am really happy with how it looks so far and I think it will be an improvement over our current website. will automatically redirect to the new website when the switch is officially made at the end of this week. This old website will remain active on a "free" plan and I plan on adding an link for those that wish to access it.

Survival Server

The next big addition to our server network is going to be the new survival server. A lot of effort is being put in to ensure the survival server is both fun and unique. I would like to thank everyone that has taken the time to test and give feedback in our survival server beta events. If you have yet to try it, you can access it using /survival in game. Please let us know what you like/dislike so we can make the final version as fun as possible. Note that everything from the beta test, including the map and all characters, will be wiped clean for the final version. However, any titles and Mystery Boxes that you gain will be kept and can be used in the final release.

I want to try to release the final version asap, hopefully before summer starts (so in the next month or two).

Skyblock Server

After the survival server is released, focus will return to Skyblock. The current map is very old and I know a lot of people are looking for something new and fresh to do. However, instead of restarting the current world/map and wiping everyone's island and progress, I would rather focus on releasing new variants of Skyblock that can be played alongside the current map. The first variant planned is basically a "hard mode" skyblock with some new additions, and more variations will follow. The plan is to keep the current server as an EZ mode / casual experience for players new to skyblock or that want to take it easy. 

The Future

We have talked about releasing a mini-games server and possibly a new prison server after Survival and Skyblock are taken care of. It is important to me going forward that any new servers we do be something unique and not available anywhere else (some features might be found elsewhere, but I want the overall experience to be something new) so this could still be a long ways off.

Survival Beta Event #2

Talabrek Ownero posted Apr 9, 17

I want to thank everyone that participated in the first beta event. Your feedback is valuable and will help make the final server better for everyone. If you played in the first beta event but didn't give any feedback, please take a moment to let us know what you thought about it in the feedback post. Even if your feedback is just "I agree with what soandso said" it will still be of help to us.

Survival Beta Event #2

Time Period: Friday, April 14th ~ Sunday, April 23rd

Main Objective: Complete the journey from your spawn point on the edge of the map to the center of the new survival world. In this event, monsters will become more difficult as you approach the center. You will also have access to new weapons, armor, and enchantments.

Testing Focus: Test new monster abilities/difficulty and new item system. I also welcome feedback on all other aspects of the new server and any bugs you can report will help us greatly.

Reward for logging in: 2-star mystery box (can be claimed on skyblock or later on the Survival server when released)

Reward for completing main objective: Special Title (same title as the first event), 5x 2-star mystery boxes

The world from the first beta event will be used again, so your bases and claims will remain, but all players will have their inventory wiped and will be teleported to the edge of the map to make the journey again. You can return to your bases, but you will need to fight your way there.

Read more about Beta Event #2 here!

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